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Lipo Gel

Lipo Gel

Non-prescription body cream that is thermoactive (hot), containing fast acting and effective ingredients that generate heat, necessary for the mobilization and elimination of excess body fat, detoxify your body, promotes excess fluid drainage, which helps in breaking down stubborn cellulite, stimulating microcirculation , good for volume loss and reduces heaviness in extremities,

And refines and Firms skin.

Thermo-Lipo Gel produces a prolonged body heat effect that lasts for several hours after its application.

Better if used at night in areas of excessive body fat accumulation: abdomen, hips, waist, back, arms, etc. It is important to apply the cream with a slight massage to the area covered, until the cream is absorbed completely.

The slimming body wrap can be applied before bed and worn for six hours overnight

Or for a maximum of 6 hours during the day with your waist shaper.

It detoxifies, promotes weight loss , has organic compounds, convenient for overnight application and its a anti-inflammatory.

Osmotic wrap are used to speed up the process in burning fat.

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